Montag, 25. August 2008


vom 16. August 2008

01. Four Letter Word “Punk Rock Ghetto“
02. Off With Their Heads “Sleeping In Carrie´s Car”
03. Leatherface “Eat Her Face”
04. Teengenerate “Kicked Out Of The Webelos”
05. Suberhelicopter “…ab jetzt wird geflutet”
06. The Manikins “Lie, Cheat And Steal“
07. Statues “Barstool”
08. The Thermals “Here´s Your Future”
09. Trend “Prinz von Homborg”
10. Ted Leo And The Pharmacists “Bomb.Repeat.Bomb”
11. Lack “CPH”
12. Bouncing Souls “Good Looking Out”
13. Black Flag “Six Pack”
14. Avail “Midtown West”
15. Scouts Honor “Call Me Achilles”
16. Brant Bjork “Shocked By The Static”
17. Milloy “Hammers And Blades”
18. The Black Lips “O Katrina”
19. The Sonics “Strychnine”
20. Bigwig “Follow The Leader”

Dienstag, 5. August 2008


vom 2. August 2008

01. Antitainment “Waterride The Lightning“
02. North Lincoln “Midwestern Blood“
03. Oma Hans “Die Mole“
04. The Undertones “Teenage Kicks“
05. Teenage Bottlerock “Social Life“
06. Rocket From The Crypt “Young Livers“
07. Young Livers “Means of Buoyancy“
08. Glass and Ashes “The Art Of Selling”
09. Gunmoll “Say Goodbye”
10. Rivethead “We Don´t Fuck Around”
11. Trouble Trouble Trouble “Bike War”
12. Sniffing Glue “Suburban Suicide, Suburban Violence”
13. The Measure “Portland”
14. The Dickies “Banana Split”
15. [Zebrahead] "Be Careful What You Wish For" --> Unerhört, Ungehört <--
16. Valina “Calendaria”
17. Dear Landlord “Don´t Stand There”
18. Chinese Telephones “Let Me Call You Back”
19. Hot Water Music “Turnstile”
20. The Bahareebaas “Il Pleut A Montreaux”

Sonntag, 20. Juli 2008


vom 19. Juli 2008

01. King Khan & BBQ “Fish Fight“
02. Henry Fiat´s Open Sore “Ask Me”
03. Cheater Slicks “Refried Dreams”
04. Thee Headcoats “Every Bit Of Me”
05. Cheveu “Jakob´s Fight”
06. Mika Miko “Business Cats”
07. Dead Kennedys “Soup Is Good Food”
08. The World/Inferno Friendship Society “Let´s Steal Everything”
09. Firewater “Hey Clown”
10. Gogol Bordello “Think Locally, Fuck Globally”
11. NoFX “See Her Pee”
12. J Church “Flirting With the Bourgeois Dream”
13. Against Me! “Stop”
14. The Draft “We´ll Never Know”
15. The Gaslight Anthem “I Coul'da Been A Contender”
16. The Gaslight Anthem “Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis?”
17. The Gaslight Anthem “The ´59 Sound”
18. Hellsongs “Seek & Destroy”

Sonntag, 6. Juli 2008


vom 5. Juli 2008

01. Manifesto Jukebox “Rise And Shine“
02. The Ergs “Every Romance Language”
03. Ramones “I Don´t Wanna Go To The Basement”
04. No Use For A Name “Feel Good Song Of The Year”
05. Lemuria “Dog”
06. Monochrome “Gegenstück”
07. Lack “Bombing The Moon”
08. Beatsteaks “Summer”
09. You Me & The Atom Bomb “Drive”
10. Jaya The Cat “Night Bus”
11. Sublime “Date Rape”
12. The Marked Men “It´s Not A Crime”
13. Mystery Girls “Tossin´n´Turnin
14. Johnny Cash “Ring Of Fire”
15. Chuck Ragan “California Burritos”
16. The Methadones “Where Did You Hide The Sun”
17. The Low Budgets “Wipe My Ass With The World”
18. Turbonegro “Rock Against Ass”
19. Bedouin Soundclash “Gunships”

Montag, 23. Juni 2008


vom 21. Juni 2008

01. New Bomb Turks “Bachelor´s High“
02. The Hellacopters “Acid Rain”
03. Hot Water Music “Prince Of The Rodeo”
04. Turbonegro “Flabby, Sagging Flesh”
05. The Fuzztones “Strychnine”
06. The Sonics “Psycho”
07. Kilroy! “Smiling Faces”
08. The Manikins “Countless Nights”
09. Shellac “Jailbreak 95”
10. AC/DC “If You Want Blood (You´ve Got It)”
11. Operation S “Jeunesse Eternelle”
12. Toys That Kill “We Control The Sun”
13. Rocket From The Crypt “French Guy”
14. The Dictators “Stay With Me"
15. [Times New Viking] “Faces On Fire" --> Unerhört, Ungehört <--
16. Bobby Fuller “Nervous Breakdown”
17. John Spencer´s Blues Explosion “Ghetto Mom”

Sonntag, 8. Juni 2008


vom 7. Juni 2008

01. A Wilhelm Scream “Die While We´re Young”
02. The Lawrence Arms “Cut It Up”
03. Mad State World “Accept Defeat”
04. Small Brown Bike “The Vacuum”
05. Claus Grabke “Running Man”
06. The Spill Canvas “All Over You”
07. Sunny Day Real Estate “Fool In The Photograph”
08. American Football “Never Meant”
09. Kettcar “Verraten”
10. Owen “Bags Of Bones”
11. Valina “Libido´s Regime”
12. [Fire In The Attic] “Fake It Like You Mean It” --> Unerhört, Ungehört <--
13. Cap´n Jazz “Little League”

Sonntag, 1. Juni 2008


vom 24. Mai 2008

01. Gogol Bordello “East Infection“
02. Sublime “40 Oz. To Freedom“
03. Jaya The Cat “Good Morning“
04. MeFirstAndTheGimmeGimmes “East Bound And Down”
05. Firewater “This Is My Life”
06. The Falcon “La-Z-Boy 500”
07. Rocket From The Crypt “On A Rope”
08. Flogging Molly “You Don´t Make A Fool Out Of Me”
09. Big D And The Kids Table “My Girlfriend On Drugs”
10. Might Mighty Bosstones “Pictures To Prove It”
11. The Dwarves “I Will Deny”
12. NoFX “I Wanna Be Your Baby”
13. Rancid “Stop”
14. Dackelblut “Edwin van der Saar”
15. Against Me! “Cliche Guevara“
16. Chuck Ragan & Austin Lucas “Bloody Shells“
17. Chip Hanna & The Berlin Three “Party Line”

Montag, 14. April 2008


vom 12. April 2008

01. New Mexican Disaster Squad “I Dont´Believe”
02. Armalite “Other Entertainers”
03. NoFX “Liza”
04. The Generators “I Stand In Doubt”
05. I Walk The Line “Demonic Verses”
06. You, Me & The Atom Bomb “Won´t Let Go”
07. The Dauntless Elite “Say Hello To Miguel Sanchez”
08. Seaweed “New Tools”
09. Jawbreaker “Boxcar”
10. The Real Kids “Roberta”
11. The Surfaris “Wipe Out”
12. Bahareebas “Il Pleut A Montreux”
13. Superhelicopter “…ab jetzt wird geflutet”
14. Yakuzi “Last Round”
15. Antitainment “Waterride The Lightning”
16. [Anti-Flag] “The Bright Lights Of America” --> Unerhört, Ungehört <--
17. Small Brown Bike “The Vacuum”
18. This Moment In Black History “Parish Sinker”

Montag, 17. März 2008


vom 15. März 2008

01. The Methadones “I´m About To Crack“
02. Brutal Knights “Philthy U.”
03. Teenage Bottlerocket “Radio”
04. Rivethead “We Don´t Fuck Around”
05. Dackelblut “Sergé Bailmann”
06. The Ergs! “More Vox In The Monitor”
07. Riverdales “I Accuse My Parents”
08. The Shocks “Blau & Orange”
09. The Dwarves “Way Out”
10. The Clash “Know Your Rights”
11. Wipers “Over The Edge”
12. Gameface “Everything I Do Is Wrong”
13. Matula “…auf der Mauer”
14. Samiam “Stepson”
15. The Sainte Catherines “There´s Shit In Your Veggie Dog”
16. Jawbreaker “With Or Without U2”
17. The Hives “Fever”
18. [Oiro] "Regenbogen, Rot Fehlt" --> Unerhört Ungehört <--
19. Austin Lucas “Oakland Skyline”

Montag, 3. März 2008


vom 1. März 2008

01. Kid Dynamite “S.O.S.“
02. Paint It Black “New Folk Song“
03. Deny Everything “Turn The T.V. Off, And Read A Book Please”
04. The Reatards “Sick When I See”
05. Ghetto Ways “Action Hair”
06. Fake Problems “Born&Raised”
07. Heavy Trash “I Want Oblivion”
08. Powersolo “Good Behaviour”
09. Man Or Astroman “9 Volt”
10. A-Frames “Black Forest II”
11. Scott Reynolds & The Steaming Beast ”Line Check”
12. All “The World´s On Heroin”
13. Four Letter Word “Honour System”
14. Inspecter 7 “Sleeping With The Enemy”
15. Nguru “Fight For Your Right”
16. Reel Big Fish “Beer”
17. Fake Problems “Life´s A Drink, Get Thirsty”
18. [Yakuzi] "7 Minutes Cash Flow" --> Unerhört Ungehört <--
19. A Subtle Plague “I Wanna Kill The President”

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